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Download “My Eurovision Scoreboard” app!

ESC+Plus wants to present you a new mobile app! My Eurovision Scoreboard is the first mobile App which allows you to rate your favorite Eurovision songs in a connected way!

Why is My Eurovision Scoreboard the best you can find out there? Because it’s the only app allowing you all your Eurofan brain ever dreamed about!

Things you can do while using this app:

  • Hear & rate your favourite Eurovision songs every year.
  • Automatically see your own top and publish it everywhere.
  • Connect with your friends and see how they voted.
  • Create groups and directly calculate your common results.
  • Look at the community voting to know the last trends.
  • Every year, you’ll be able to unlock Eurovision Semifinal & Final line-ups.
  • As well, you’ll be able to unlock most of the National Final line-ups every season.

My Eurovision Scoreboard is available on App Store and it will be released on Google Play in the coming days.

For more information visit the official web-site by clicking here.

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