Details about Junior Eurovision 2017 postcards reveled, competition open

GNTA, the Georgian Authority of Tourism, has released an open competition to select the company that will be responsible for filming the official postcards and promotional videos of this year’s Junior Eurovision. 

The chosen company will be required to film between 12-18 postcards which will have two parts:

  1. The first part will feature a local character traveling and “tasting ” a little part of Georgia (which will last about 44 seconds)
  2. The second part will be a short introduction of each participant (6 seconds).

Moreover, two clips which last 90 seconds will be made as a part of the opening sequence of Junior Eurovision 2017. The whole sequence will last about 8 minutes.

The deadline to apply to this special competition is on the 11th of July at 18.00 local time. The winning company will be awarded 40000 Lari (14,680 €).

About Răzvan Ciurescu (Romania)

Răzvan Ciurescu (Romania)

I am a 14-years-old Romanian boy. I have been interested in Eurovision since 2012,when I discovered “accidentally” this amazing show. I have been at JESC 2015 and JESC 2016. I think that kids should be more interested in Eurovision.

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