Denmark: Emmelie de Forest releases videoclip for Hunter & Prey

Today Emmelie de Forest has released the music video for the follow up single of her Eurovision winning song ‘Only Teardrops’.

The new single ‘Hunter & Prey’ is written by Lise Cabble (Only Teardrops) and Jakob Schak Glæsner (Emmelie’s boyfriend) along with Emmelie herself, and follows the same pop/folk sound that could be heard in ‘Only Teardrops’

The music video was recorded on August 27th on the small Danish island Sejerø, and features besides Emmelie, two small children, and ‘Copenhagen Drummers’ members Jacob and Morten, who also played the drums on stage with Emmelie in Malmö.

Some photoshoots take during the making of the videoclip can be seen here.

Watch the brand new music video of ‘Hunter & Prey’ right below

“Hunter & Prey” is included into the Emmelie’s debut album “Only Teardrops” released just a few days before her Eurovision victory in Malmö.



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