Belarus: National final auditions take place today

The live auditions of the Belarusian national selection for Eurovision 2017 will be held this morning, when 67 acts will be taking to the audition stage in order to become one of up to 15 acts that will make it through to the next phase of the process.

UPDATE: The first set of auditions for the Belarusian final have taken place. Some may hope that NAVI and Napoli will make it thorugh to the next stage; their auditions was certainly a highlight for us. Check out their auditions here

Check back at this page throughout the day and we will update you with important news from the days auditions, including some videos and news of big names making a return to the national final process.

At the end, a panel of judges will decide on who will make it through to the national final as they will pick up to 15 acts to go forward for the live show.

The interest in the Belarusian selection this year is slightly down on last year where 91 entries were received by the Belarusian broadcaster, BTRC. However, the interest in some BIG names is already creating the buzz behind the selection. Names such as Navi, Napoli and Vitaly Voronko have expressed their intentions to audition today for the selection process. Both Navi and Napoli took part in the Belarusian national final coming 4th and 2nd in the Grand Final respectively.

The Belarusian national final for Eurovision 2017 will take place no later than January 25th 2017, with the finalised date to be given at a later stage.


Source:  BTRC
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