Azerbaijan could participate in Junior Eurovision 2022 in Armenia

Geopolitics and music find in the Caucasus a meeting place and an absence of confrontation. If last December we saw the Armenian and Azerbaijani representatives hugging after the result in the contest and the victory of the first, today, the Azerbaijani delegation takes another step towards peace and the meeting between the two countries.

According to our colleagues from the Azeri website 12xal, the member of the Azeri delegation Eldar Rasulov confirmed during an intervention in a prime-time Azeri television program the possible presence of the country in Yerevan next year.

“No matter where the competition takes place, we must participate and work for a better result.”


We hope that the final decision is affirmative and we can see the country competing normally in the next edition of Junior Eurovision to be held next winter in Yerevan, Armenia, after Maléna’s victory last December in Paris.

Azerbaijan has participated 4 times in the Eurovision youth competition. She participated for the first time in 2012, with the song “Girls and Boys” it was initially presented entirely in English and at the last minute it was partially translated into Azeri to comply with the rules. The most recent participation from 2018 is of particular interest since the vocal coach of the then participant Fidan Huseynova was Alex Panagi (Cyprus 1995 & 2000) and according to unofficial information, Fokas Evangelinos also contributed to the conducting part. Unfortunately, this participation was not so good, ranking 16th among the 20 participating countries. Azerbaijan achieved its best historical position last December with Sona Azizova and “One Of Those Days”, finishing in fifth place in the contest.

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