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    Hello! My name is Calli. I'm a native English speaker, and I would love to edit for the website. My biggest wish is to travel and learn foreign languages. I am an English Education major in my university. I want to teach English in Lyon, France and my favorite countries are France and Georgia. Before I teach in France, I would like to teach as a volunteer in Georgia. I have previous blog-writing experience in blogging about Japanese idols. My favorite Eurovision entries of all time are Norma John's Blackbird and Mariam Mamadashvili's Mzeo. My favorite entry of the 20th century is Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann's Dansevise. I can speak intermediate French, which I taught myself independently of school, and I also know how to speak a little bit of Mandarin and Japanese. I can also read and write in the Cyrillic, Japanese, Korean, and Georgian alphabets. My blood is Belarusian and Italian. My online friends often tell me my European blood is more apparent in my personality than my American legal nationality. I look forward to editing for this team if I get accepted, because I love both Eurovision and editing very much. It would be a great experience to combine the two.

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