Denmark: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018 submissions open

Let’s do it right! Since Anja Nissen’s qualification after 2 years of being lost in Verona (ahem…the semi-finals) for Denmark, Danish broadcaster DR hopes you and your composition have what it takes to launch Denmark into the top 10, or possibly even gain them a win!

You have until the 15th of September 2017 to submit your entries! But, wait! Not so fast! There have been quite a few rule changes in the submission process.

If you’re a busy person and/or are trying really hard to make an amazing composition, fear not! Entries submitted after the deadline may still be considered for 2018, or, if it shows promise, even 2019! (Hey, guys, I think we have our first confirmed country for Eurovision 2019!)

Make sure to be professional, as DR has very high expectations. They expect for your song to be recorded in a professional studio, and as this is Eurovision after all, and staging is half the battle, they would like the composer to think about possible staging even when simply submitting the song.

Not a stranger to Eurovision or music talent shows in general, Mads Enggaard has been hired to produce the tracks. Just imagine…your composition, polished perfectly in a studio, sung by a talented singer, going to Eurovision. It could be you!

Submit your song here and read the rules in English here!

Happy submitting, and good luck! Maybe, just maybe, you can bring Denmark their first win since 2013 with Emmelie de Forest!

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Calli Abisognio (USA)

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