Eurovision 2018: RTP reveals number of participating countries

Today, RTP’s executive producer, Carla Bugalho, revealed some details about Eurovision 2018. 43 countries will be taking part in Lisbon. This was also supposed to be the case in 2016 and 2017, but Romania and Russia, respectively, were dropped from the contest for different reasons each year. Hopefully, there won’t be a similar situation in 2018.

43 países deverão participar no Festival Eurovisão 2018

O Eurovision Song Contest 2018 deverá contar com 43 países participantes, avançou a RTP no programa #VozdoCidadão. Saiba tudo em

Geplaatst door ESC Portugal op zaterdag 21 oktober 2017


Before the number was revealed, Moldova and FYR Macedonia still had not publicly confirmed their participation. However, due to patterns in recent years, it is easily assumed that they were the final two countries to confirm.

Postcards won’t be in the home country of the artists like in the past two years, but rather will take place in Portugal in order to show off the country after so many years without a victory.

It was also re-enforced that this contest will be cost-effective, but don’t doubt Portugal’s ability — cost-effective doesn’t necessarily mean it will be boring!

Source : Video - ESC Portugal

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