The Netherlands: OG3NE’s mother passes away after battle with cancer

I can only hope once you fly, you’ll be free. Yesterday, it was revealed through OG3NE’s Facebook page that mother Isolde Vol has passed away after her long battle with cancer.

OG3NE’s entry for the 2017 Eurovision song contest, “Lights & Shadows” was written by father Rick Vol, along with Shelley’s boyfriend Rory de Kievit, as a tribute to their mother’s battle with the disease. The girls performed the piece with heart and soul, propelling them to the grand final where they earned their country a respectable eleventh place, and where their mother was there to congratulate them with open arms.

In order to give themselves time to cope with the grief, OG3NE have terminated their activities indefinitely.

Here is a translation of the post on OG3NE’s Facebook page from yesterday:

“Isolde Vol, the mother of Lisa, Amy, and Shelley of the formation OG3NE, died today in front of her loved ones. After a brave and long fight, she eventually lost the fight against a rare form of cancer.

OG3NE: ‘We trust that her forces, positivity, perseverance, and eternal laugh will give us the strength to continue. Now, there is great sadness. We hope everyone respects our privacy and gives us the rest and space to give this great grief a place.’

OG3NE will stop all their work until further notice in order to cope with this great loss. The farewell of Isolde will take place in a closed ceremony.”

You can watch OG3NE’s touching tribute performance at Eurovision for their mom here:

Source : Facebook

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