Watch: New video of ‘Acapella’ by Mikolas Josef

“In collaboration with artists of 12 nationalities, Mikolas Josef, the most streamed Czech musician of all time, publishes his latest summer hit – Acapella.

In the song, you will hear the voices of two other singers – American singer Frankie J (known for example from Suga Suga and nominated for a Grammy for his album Faith, Hope y Amor) and Panamanian-Canadian singer and songwriter Fito Blanko, whose songs have appeared for example in the Furious 7 movie.

One of the composers was, for example, a Grammy-nominated Jenson Vaughan who worked with Madonna, Britney Spears or Post Malone. Grammy winner Brian Yaskulka (Andy Summers, Lisa Loeb, Deana Carter) participated in the production as well. American radios have shown interest in the Acapella song, and it is being rolled out on the day after its release, for example in Miami, Florida and California.

Slovak moderator and model Mária Zelinová acted in the music video.

“I am a huge fan of Latin culture. I love to play for the southern nations, people there have hard-to-describe energy in them, which was the inspiration for the song Acapella,” comments Mikolas on the creation of the song (Mikolas also sings in this song in Spanish).

It took four years to create Acapella and the first ideas were recorded before the release of the song Lie To Me, with which Mikolas placed sixth in Eurovision, achieving the best Czech result ever.


“The creative proccess on my song has never been more costly or time-consuming than with Acapella, and I’ve never released anything with so much care as this one. I believe deeply in the song and just the fact that it could be created with such dedication is for me a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to do that, ”says Mikolas, adding: “I am glad that we have success abroad, thanks to which I can invest all my energy and resources as I should – into my fans. I have the best fans in the world! I always do it like this – I’ll take everything I have – finance, energy and abilities, and put them in the project I’m preparing for them. Already during the initial preproduction in the studio in Canada, Acapella thrilled a lot of big people from the industry, they called other famous people who then came to USA to see me, for example Frankie J, who has a Grammy nomination in his pocket, brought more ideas as well. Thank God that the world offers us these possibilities and we can finally reach this musical level. ”

“We shot the music video mainly in Barcelona and also in Prague in Thailand, we brought people from all over the world, I got new talents for my team and it was worth it,” adds Mikolas.”

Sources:YouTube, Official press release
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