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Watch: New video from Jamala, ‘Solo’

This week, Jamala released a video to accompany her new single release, ‘Solo’.  She has said about the song that  “for some “Solo” is nearly an anthem for feminism; for someone else, it is a story of saying goodbye; and, for others, it is a saga of a strong woman who may feel ok even if she is alone.”

The 2016 Eurovision winner from Ukraine commented on the making of the video as being quite complex – having said most of the hte time she had to stay in the glass cube with no fresh air.  What’s even most interesting is that all the dancing in the video was completely improv – there was no choreographer.

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This fall Jamal will be on a 10th-anniversary tour in Ukraine which will cover 12 cities

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Will you be in Ukraine to see Jamala?  What do you think of the song and video?

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