Vincent Bueno to sing ‘Alive’ for Austria in Rotterdam

The Austrian national broadcaster, ORF, has revealed the artist that will represent Austria in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Vincent Bueno will perform the song ‘Alive’ in Rotterdam in May. The entry will be revealed in March 2020.

Vincent: “Wow, even thinking about the fact that I am going to participate in the song contest gives me goosebumps. The Eurovision Song Contest is like the Eurocup for musicians and singers. The huge stage, all those artists doing their absolute best, all the songwriters and producers of Europe gathering in one place to celebrate their work while at the same time stepping into the ring – it is breathtaking and formidable. Let’s go Austria!”

ORF has given us a few hints about what the song will be about in form of hashtags:


“I love to laugh. I’m a motivated guy. ‘Troubleshooting’ is my personal motto! I love my family above all, have a deep faith and both give me strength in my life. I love music, I love people. I’m very sensitive, which can sometimes be a disadvantage – ‘open-hearted’.”


“From the moment I let go of the fast-paced confirmation of social media and its pressures to be something specific, I reconnected with my identity. That makes me feel alive.”


“My happiness comes from deep within. It is something that no fame or money in this world could ever give me. I would like to use this energy purposefully.”


“All of us fight our own egos. An ego is like a high wall. If you break it down you realize how much easier and freer life can be.”


“Each and every one of us has the DNA of a hero or a heroine.”

Vincent isn’t a stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest as he had already tried to represent Austria in Stockholm.

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