Rotterdam gearing up to host thousands of LGBTQ Eurovision fans

The city of Rotterdam is gearing up to host thousands of LGBTQ Eurovision fans upcoming May. The Rotterdam department of the Dutch LGBTQ platform COC, European gay television channel OUTtv, and the organization of Pride Rotterdam want the council of the city to consider the impact of this huge mass of LGBTQ people in the city, because “incidents” must be prevented when the eyes of the world are on you.

Rotterdam Pride

The Ambassador of Rotterdam Pride says that the city of Rotterdam is becoming more and more tolerant when it comes down to people who have another sexual orientation, but he also says that he finds it necessary to be extra protective of the LGBTQ community during the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

“Incidents must be prevented at all costs, because the Eurovision Song Contest is a way for Rotterdam to put the limelight on the city as a global capital of tolerance and acceptance.”

OUTtv Europe

OUTtv Europe adds to the conversation by saying that the city of Rotterdam should let multicultural communities participate in the organization of the full event, and that this should be initiated by the city council of Rotterdam.

“You cannot send thousands of LGBTQ people into a city without thinking about this situation beforehand. During Antwerp Pride the full organization of this event put information letters in people’s mail boxes to get everyone informed. People must be informed in order to know what they can expect during the actual event.”

COC Rotterdam

COC Rotterdam, the local department of the national Dutch LGBTQ platform, says that safety needs to come first in Rotterdam. The municipality of Rotterdam is already well on its way to guarantee safety in the broadest sense of the word, but it is always a good idea to stay conscious and critical.

“The Stop App, an app that is especially for women who feel intimidated while walking on the streets of Rotterdam has already been put in place, and is also available to the LGBTQ community in Rotterdam.”

The municipality of Rotterdam

The municipality of Rotterdam has already mapped out several safety risks during the course of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 upcoming May, and in these plans the LGBTQ community has been thoroughly included. At the moment the city is working on a survey with which they try to get a vast idea of how LGBTQ people would rate Rotterdam when it comes down to LGBTQ security. The results of this survey will become known in February of 2020.


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