Valentina Monetta guest at Stockholm Pride

Valentina will be performing on the big stage on August 1st. She she will be singing her Eurovision entry “Crisalide (Vola)“.

“I’ve never made a distinction between gay or straight. As human beings, an LGBT person has the same rights as everyone else to me. I’m in total favour of marriage between people of the same sex. Love is a universal feeling and has no gender. I’ve always been supportive of the LGBT community and will support it forever. I wish that we will soon be rid of stereotypes created by too many years of racism and religious culture. To love and to be loved is a right, no matter if it’s straight or gay love. The important thing is to be coherent and honest with our own feelings with no fear.”-Valentina mentions.

Valentina’s new album “Crisalide – La Storia di Valentina Monetta”,  available on Amazon in a physical CD format here

And as a digital download on iTunes

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1 Comment

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