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United Kingdom 2024: Search for a new entrant commences soon

The United Kingdom will start its search for a new entrant soon, there are even meetings planned, but with who is not known just yet.

The UK’s next entrant

On BBC Radio 2 it was revealed that the UK, last edition’s host, is looking for its next entrant. The 2023 outcome for the United Kingdom was not a positive with Mae Muller only reaching penultimate place (of 26) in the Grand Final.

Internal selection

For the 2024 edition of the contest in Malmö (Sweden) the UK opts for an internal selection again, as it has done in recent years. The last time the UK had a national televised selection was back in 2019.

Why not send a worldwide star to Eurovision?

When asked about why the UK does not send its best recent popstar the answer was that it does not work that way, because when a star is huge in the UK, this star is huge worldwide, so for such stars to open up their agenda for Eurovision is very difficult. Plus, there is always the reason that if an artist is already grand, why do Eurovision?

Eurovision 2023

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool (UK), the United Kingdom was represented by Mae Muller with the song “I Wrote A Song”. In the Grand Final Mae ended up in 25th place (of 26), which meant that the UK ended up in penultimate place.

Source: Official Eurovision YouTube channel, Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song (2023)

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