Tonight: Georgian final for Junior Eurovision airs pre-recorded

Today the final of Ranina 2020 will be broadcast pre-recorded. Although we already know who will be waving the Georgian flag at Junior Eurovision 2020, we bring you the information to watch the show from which Sandra Gadelia was crowned the country’s winner.

For the last weeks, GPB has been airing the episodes of Ranina 2020, including the semifinal, which was broadcast last 6th November. A total of ten artists between the ages of 8 and 14 competed in the talent show that served as the national selection for Junior Eurovision:

  • Sesili Turmanidze (სესილი თურმანიძე) 10 years old
  • Veronika Shamugia (ვერონიკა შამუგია) 12 years old
  • Sandra Gadelia (სანდრა გადელია) 9 years old
  • Rati Gelovani (რატი გელოვანი) 10 years old
  • Gio Gogiashvili (გიო გოგიაშვილი) years old
  • Marita Khvedelidze (მარიტა ხვედელიძე) 11 years old
  • Nikoloz Maghradze (ნიკოლოზ მაღრაძე) 10 years old
  • Shio Kavsadze (შიო კავსაძე) 10 years old
  • Nia Khinchikashvili (ნია ხინჩიკაშვილი) 12 years old
  • Lela Kveniashvili (ლელა კვენიაშვილი) 10 years old

The recordings of Ranina 2020 started at the beginning of the year and were later interrupted due to the Covid19 situation. The format consists of four rounds, each divided into two different shows. A total of five contestants reach the semifinals, but only three go through to the final. The 2020 finalists were:

  • Rati Gelovani
  • Sandra Gadelia
  • Marita Khvedelidze

At each gala, the jury panel, whose members change every week, give each contestant different marks according to four skills rated during the participant’s performances: voice, acting, artistic and collaborative skills. In the end, there’s a ranking based on the average of all four marks of each candidate.

You can watch the final of Ranina 2020 at 19.30 CET on our Multi-Window live feed.

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