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Today: Russian national final for Junior Eurovision 2018

Today Karusel will hold the final of their national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Twelve candidates left in the race to represent Russia on 25 November in Minsk. The show will take place at Crimea’s Artek International Children Center.

A few weeks ago, Karusel and the Igor Krutoy Academy hold live auditions to select the hopefuls that will compete in the final show. The chosen candidates have been working on their songs and performances along with professionals of the academy for the last few days.

You can check who will compete in the Russian final below:

  • Arkadiy Evtushenko – “Ya zdes”
  • Mishel Zadorozhnaya – “Podelis mechtoy”
  • Aleksandra Kirilchuk – “Family tree”
  • Elizaveta Kuklishina – “Mechta moya”
  • Group Dodostar – “Poslushay”
  • Evelina Mazurina – “Poy dushoy”
  • Group Matreshki – “Vse mezhdu nami”
  • Tatyana Melnichenko – “Schastye na ladonyakh”
  • Diana Smykova – “Barabum”
  • Ivan Starikov – “Neutomimyye”
  • Anna Filipchuk – “Nepobedimy”
  • Anna Yakubuk – “Vselennaya”

As in previous editions, the winner will be selected by an equal combination of votes from a professional jury panel and an online voting. The show will be broadcast tomorrow, beginning at 19:45 CET.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourites in our poll:

JESC 2018 – Russian Final
Anna Filipchuk - Nepobedimy
Anya Yakubuk - Vselennaya
Arkadiy Yevtushenko - Ya zdes
Ivan Starikov - Neutomimyye
Aleksandra Kirilchuk - Family tree
Diana Smykova - Barabum
Evelina Mazurina - Poy dushoy
Group Matreshki - Vse mezhdu nami
Tatyana Melnichenko - Schastye na ladonyakh
Mishel Zadorozhnaya - Podelis mechtoy
Group Dodostar - Poslushay
Elizaveta Kuklishina – “Mechta moya”
Number of voters: 48


Who do you want to follow Polina Bogusevich‘s footsteps in Minsk?

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