The Netherlands: ‘Outlaw In ‘Em’ is Waylon’s song for Lisbon!

Well, we’ve had our hopes and expectations teased, tantalised, tickled and tampered with over the last week or so – but now we know which song Waylon (and presumably his excellent hat) will be performing for the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

It’s ‘Outlaw In ‘Em’ that’s been selected internally to do the job, overwhelming the claims of the other four compositions also premiered on Dutch TV recently:

Great choice! But what do YOU think? Do you like the country vibe or wish they’d gone for something more urban? Do you like the steel guitar or wish someone had stolen the steel guitar?

Waylon (and presumably his excellent hat) will be appearing in the first half of the Second ESC Semi-Final on Thursday 10th May.

Woah – that’s only WEEKS away! I’m putting the Amstel in the fridge and stocking up on bitterballen and poffertjes!


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