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The city of Rotterdam organizes mega drag event during Eurovision Song Contest 2020

The Rotterdam Drag Show

During the weeks that the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will take place the city of Rotterdam will also be the host of The Rotterdam Drag Show, one of the biggest events in Europe when it comes down to the art of drag. During the event all sorts of drag queens, coming from all over the world will show their uniqueness, nerve, and talent. In short, in May of 2020 Rotterdam will be full of drag queen eleganza extravaganza.

What to expect?

What can we expect from the Rotterdam Drag Show? Chances are quite high that this event will be crowned “the Song Contest Party everyone will be talking about”, according to initiator Boris Itzkovich Escobar, better known as drag queen Miss Envy Peru. This event will be the biggest drag event before and during the Eurovision Song Contest. Escobar also said the following about the Rotterdam Drag Show:

“From April 9th until May 16th 2020 the Schiecentrale in Rotterdam will become the venue for the Most Magnificent Drag Production of Europe, and as a huge finale the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will be shown on a movie theater size screen.”

Source: Winq NL

Why now?

The reason why a drag event of this scale comes to the city of Rotterdam in the Spring of 2020 is not a coincidence. There were plans for years to organize the event in the Netherlands, and besides that drag is a form of art that needs its own spot on an international scale, and now that the Eurovision Song Contest comes to the Netherlands, it is a unique chance for the European drag world, and the city of Rotterdam to shine brighter than they ever did before. Escobar also added:

“I have been inspired by 1998 Song Contest winner, Dana International, although she is a transsexual, and not a drag queen. I remember very vividly that I saw her perform as an 8-year old kid, Dana had me plastered to the screen when she sang her encore of the winning song Diva. She has contacted me once, and told me how much she loved my drag performance of her song; this was a full circle moment for me, since I adored her for so many years. To me the Eurovision Song Contest is one of those rare moments we have a sense of togetherness, in the gay community, but also far beyond. When the Contest is being held people come together as one big family to watch the Contest together, and because of that Eurovision has a special place in my heart.”

Who will be present?

During the event the following drag queens will be present: Next to Miss Envy Peru, there are also other huge names in the international drag world coming to Rotterdam, like Miss Continental World Vanessa of Cartier. All special drag nights are going to be hosted by the American drag queen Skyla Versai, who is also known as the Insult Queen. Next to these queens, there will be a grant queen from Belgium, Sedergine, and from brazil, drag queen Abby OMG, will represent. Each show will end with a fabulous Drag Dance.

For more information

For more information, you can access their official site by clicking here.


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  1. A bad idea! I am so bored with this connection with ESC. Why must always ESC and “gay things” be liked? ESC is not Pride, and a LOT of fans are straight! Such things just add fuel to stereotypes people have

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