Take a look at the first rehearsal of the German delegation!

EBU has published few moments ago has published videos and photos from Germany’s first rehearsals at the Junior Eurovision 2021 stage.

Here you can watch a teaser from Germany’s first rehearsal:

This year’s Junior Eurovision edition will be again on-site, all delegations have travelled to Paris under a strict safety protocol and now they are making their rehearsals at the arena. After these lines, you can see a gallery with images of the delegation first contact with the stage and cameras.

Andres Putting / EBU
Andres Putting / EBU
Andres Putting / EBU
Andres Putting / EBU
Andres Putting / EBU
Andres Putting / EBU


Pauline was selected in ‘Wer fährt nach Paris’ last September after overcoming a macro casting of more than 300 boys and girls from all over the country. She will sing the song “Imagine Us” in Paris, made up of Alex Henke, Torben Brüggemann, Ricardo Muñoz and Patrick Salmy, a team with a lot of experience that she has performed songs for greats of German and Austrian music.

“Imagine Us” is a pop song with a sound reminiscent of the Swedish music of the group ABBA, being a kind of “Hymn Inspirational pop”. It is about today’s generation of youth and the need to care for our environment and planet, as well as our friends and loved ones. For her, the song is literally “A world of dreams” in which each person can imagine their fantasies and carry them out.


After a gap year with pre-recorded performances because of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the hope of the Junior Eurovision contest come to stage again. Paris will be the light of this hope and as Junior Eurovision 2021 claim says, they will invite all of us to ‘Imagine’ again as if we were kids.

La Seine Musicale is the place where the dreams will come true this Christmas time, with this year’s amazing show where 19 countries will try to get the Eurovision Junior’s trophy.

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