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Sweden: National broadcaster, SVT, will celebrate 50-year anniversary of ABBA’s legendary victory!

Before we were not sure about what Sweden would do when it comes down to the 50th anniversary of Sweden’s most well-known pop band ABBA, but now we do! And yes, Sweden’s SVT is going to celebrate their epic Eurovision conquerors!

50 years since ABBA’s legendary victory

In 1974 the legendary Swedish band, ABBA, won the Eurovision Song Contest with their evergreen, “Waterloo”; that year the contest was held in Brighton in the United Kingdom. Now, SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster, has announced that it is going to celebrate this magical victory, and that it will honour ABBA in its programming.

En fest för ABBA (“A Party for ABBA”)

On April 5th 2024 there will be a televised live show with the name “En fest för ABBA” (“A Party for ABBA”). This show will take place in Cirkus, a grand theatre in Stockholm, and will last no less than two hours. During this show many artists will perform the wonderful hits of ABBA, so prepare yourself for a night full of songs songs like “Chiquitita” and “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (a Man After Midnight)”.

Schlagerkriget (“Battle of the Bullies”)

The celebration will also see the release of the documentary “Schlagerkriget” (“Battle of the Bullies”). The documentary will be about the contest of 1975, during which public protests, security issues, and the Swedish national broadcaster being out of money, were hot topics.

There will be more!

SVT promised there will be more going on when it comes down to ABBA this year, but this information will be made public in due time. So, stay tuned!

ABBA in Eurovision 2024?

Whether ABBA will be featured in the upcoming contest in Malmö (Sweden) remains to be seen. What we do know is that one of the two male ABBA members, Björn Ulveaus, was open to the idea of making an appearance in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest shows; he said so during a TV show.

Source: Mozpiano2 YouTube channel

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