Sweden decides for Vienna tonight!

After a total of 4 semifinals and a second chance round, SVT is ready to select the Swedish representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

A total of 12 contenders, as it was introduced for this year’s edition (previously they used to be 10), will fight out to get the ticket to Vienna, check who they are below:

Melodi participantes final




The winner will be chosen by a mix of the votes from the Swedish audience and an international jury from the eleven countries approached by SVT: Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, the UK, Israel, Malta, Slovenia and The Netherlands. The viewers allot 473 points all together, the same amount of points as the eleven jury groups will allot. While the European jury groups account for their votes, the Swedish viewers can still vote. The voting will be stopped five minutes after the European jury groups have given their points – to give the Swedish viewers an opportunity to react on the results from the European jury groups.

It’s expected to have as a guest, last year’s Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst.

The final of the biggest Swedish TV Show will be held live from Stockholm inside Friends Arena in Solna, where Robin Paulsson and Sanna Nielsen will introduce the show to all the Swedish nation as hosts of this soiree.

You can watch it live at 20.00 CET clicking by HERE.

Who will follow Sanna’s footsteps in Eurovision? Check it out here on ESC+Plus, right after this year’s MF final has concluded next Saturday. You can already vote for your favourites on our survey, clicking on the banner below:




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