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Sweden 2023: SVT reveals a draft of Melodifestivalen’s stage

This year’s stage is a smart version of last year’s spectacular stage. It should feel like new, and at the same time efficient.

We want to keep the live feeling and everything else that was good about the stage in 2022. The audience and the artists should get close to each other, because it creates a wonderful energy that the TV viewers can also feel.

Viktor Brattström, scenographer
Viktor Brattström, SVT, Melodifestivalen 2023

The record-breaking staircase to the front of the stage is recognizable, but is split in two and offers a pointed stage where the performers can be close to the audience. Parts of last year’s stage are used in slightly new ways. The giant LED screen at the back can now be opened and some smaller LED screens have been added.

Because we tried to create something that is both comprehensive and compact, everything will be experienced intensely and strongly whenever we want it to be. If we use everything as planned, the stage offers more than 30 unique numbers (shows)

Viktor Brattström, scenographer

This year’s Greenroom will once again be on the parquet in the middle of the audience. It will be similar in appearance and placement, and almost as generously scaled during the tour as well as in the final.

Melodifestivalen 2023 kicks off next Saturday, February 4th with Farah Abadi and Jesper Rönndahl as the hosts:

  • 4/2 Gothenburg – Scandinavium
  • 11/2 Linköping – Saab Arena
  • 18/2 Lidköping – Sparbanken Arena
  • 25/2 Malmö – Malmö Arena
  • 4/3 Örnsköldsvik – Hägglunds Arena
  • 11/3 Stockholm – Friends Arena
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