Malta 2023: Aidan is taking legal actions in order to remain in the national final

The Maltese national newspaper, “Times of Malta”, reported that Maltese national final contestant Aidan is taking legal steps to overrule his disqualification from MESC 2023 (Maltese Eurovision Song Contest 2023).

MESC 2023 - Aidan
Source: PBS, MESC 2023, Aidan

MESC 2023

Aidan has gotten lawyers to send a letter to the Maltese national broadcaster, PBS. The disqualified MESC 2023 entrants wants PBS to turn back his disqualification, so he can keep on competing in the Maltese national final. Aidan was disqualified earlier this week for being in breach with the rules of the Maltese national final.

The Maltese national broadcaster

PBS, the Maltese national broadcaster, warned Aidan several times for being in breach with the rules of MESC 2023. In the letter that has been sent by the lawyers of Aidan, they said that Aidan has been singled out to be punished, as other entrants of MESC 2023 have also been in breach, since they have also posted on social media about their participation in the national contest.

Next to this, Aidan says that he was not given an explanation by PBS for the specific reason he was disqualified from the national final; in this regard, Aidan wants an open conversation with PBS about the whole ordeal. If PBS does not oblige, Aidan will take further legal steps.

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