Armenia 2023: Is Brunette going to represent Armenia?

The media of Armenia is buzzing that singer Brunette will represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2023 in Liverpool (United Kingdom).

Is it Brunette?

Will Brunette wave the Armenian flag next May in Liverpool, United Kingdom? According to Armenian media she will!

Who is Brunette?

Brunette is a singer that just recently started out in the Armenian music industry. In 2022 Brunette had a hit in her home country with the song “Bac kapuyt achqerd”; this song has a video that has been watched approximately 5 million times on YouTube. During Eurovision 2023 she is said to perform a R&B-style song, which will be disclosed at the end of February 2023. The national broadcaster of Armenia remains silent, so they nor confirm nor deny the rumour.

Eurovision 2022

In the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022 Rosa Linn competed for Armenia with the, by now, world-famous song “Snap”. In Semi-final 1 Rosa Linn ended in 5th place, and in the Grand Final she ended in 20th place (of 25).

Rosa Linn’s song “Snap” became a TikTok sensation, and now, although she did not do all too well in the contest, she became world-famous, and gets asked to perform in the biggest world-known shows, like several talk shows in the USA.

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