Spanish representative to be announced tomorrow!

RTVE has officially confirmed they will be announcing the Spanish entrant tomorrow during a special press conference held in Madrid.

Afer some rumours, it seems Edurne will be finally carrying the Spanish flag in Vienna. As we reported earlier, the singer would have sent a song to TVE, the track is apparently composed by Tony Sánchez-Olhsson and maybe his friend Thomas G:sson (not confirmed yet). Edurne’s manager stated to the Spanish magazine “Cazamariposas” it is an amazing dance track that can easily reach the top charts in Europe, it has been reported the track could be called “Rise Up” (Elévate).

Tony Sánchez-Olhsson is a well-known composer in the Eurovision world since he was the face behind some other Spanish entries like “I Love you my Vida” (2007) and “Quédate Conmigo” (2012), he also composed the last year’s runner-up “Más” (Run) sang by Brequette.

ESC+Plus will try to bring you several reports from the press conference, stay tuned!



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    January 13, 2015 at 12:37

    I hope it’s María Isabel!!!!

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