Spain: Singer vows never to return to Eurovision

Surprising how such a fondly remembered song can stir up such drastically different feelings with the artist who performed it.

“Dime” was the title of the song from Catalan singer Beth during the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. Comparatively, she placed well with 8th place, as opposed to Edurne (21st), Ruth Lorenzo (10th), and ESDM (25th), but according to the singer in a new interview she found the experience to be less than the highlight of one’s life, calling it ‘brutal’, and admitting that the song was not really her style, and that she wasn’t keen on competing with it as opposed to something that was ‘closer to her’.

In fact, while Edurne and Ruth Lorenzo have both left the door wide open to return to Eurovision in the future, Beth has closed that door, locked it, and thrown away the key, saying “I will not [return to] Eurovision.”

There is a silver lining to be found however, Beth did admit to learning a lot from the experience, even if it was not an aspiration of hers as it is for many of the participants and hopefuls. She added that she was happy with her placing saying, “An eighth place was wonderful”, a position that will remain a position for future Spanish delegations to aspire to.

Considering the juxtaposition between how the song is viewed by fans and Beth’s own feelings about her Eurovision journey, it does illuminate the amount of behind-the-scenes activity each delegation and representative go through, as well as proves a point that the contest itself has been changing to the point that many of the contestants are more interested in their participation with the Eurovision world.

Source : Pon Música con Nicolás

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Derrick Schiff (USA)

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