Spain: RTVE officially launches preselection, meet the candidates

As exclusively revealed some days ago, Spanish broadcaster TVE has decided to choose Its representative for Eurovision 2014 using an external procedure and these are the candidates:


  • Brequette – “Más” (Run) (Composers: Tony Sánchez and Tomas G:son)
  • La Dama – “Estrella Fugaz” (Composers: Melendi)
  • Jorge González – “Aunque se Acabe el Mundo” (Composers: Kiko Rodríguez, Bruno Nicolás, Leticia Fuentes and María José Fernández) (Live at Eurovision preselection 2009)
  • Raúl – “Seguir sin Tí” (Composers: William Luque and Domingo Sánchez) (Live at Eurovision preselection 2000)
  • Ruth Lorenzo – “Dancing in the Rain” (Composers: Ruth Lorenzo, Jim Irvin and Julian Emery) (Live at x Factor UK 2008)


Brequette is known in Spain because her participation in “The Voice” edition 2012, her song is a untempo track composed by the producers of the Spanish entry 2012, among her team’s members is the Spanish representative at Eurovision 2012 Pastora Soler and her husband and choreographer 2012 Francis Viñolo.

La Dama is the wife of one of the most popular Spanish singers and TV hosts: Melendi, also composer of her entry. Her song is in the middle of a R&B and pop song.

Jorge González has already taken part at Spanish selection for Eurovision 2009 where he performed the song “Si Yo Vengo a Enamorarte” but he reached the fame when he became the runner-up of the talent show “The Voice”. He has just finished a year tour around Spain and is actually working on his first studio album. Jorge will perform a pop song about love.

Raúl also has some experience on taking part at a national selection for Eurovision. He took part at Spanish selection for Eurovision 2000 “Eurocanción” with the song “Sueño Su Boca” which became a summer hit in Spain. His music style has changed and, this time, he will perform a ballad.

Ruth Lorenzo is the most international singer of all candidates, there have been many rumours about her Eurovision 2014 participation in the past months. The singer is finally trying to represent Spain but she is not so famous in Spain as she is in the United Kingdom. She took part at X-Factor UK 2008 where she caused a big admiration from juries and viewers, giving some amazing performances like “Britney Spears y American classics”  and “Knocking on Heavens Door”. She will perform a song written by herself in a pop-dance style including a catchy chorus.

RTVE has just officially announced that the artists and song to carry the Spanish flag in Copenhagen will be chosen by a national selection. The winner will be chosen during a live show to take place on February.

The last two years, the Spanish broadcaster had chosen internally launching a song’s selection and broadcasting a live show where the song for Eurovision was chosen: Pastora Soler – Quédate Conmigo (2012), ESDM – Contigo Hasta el Final (2013). Pastora Soler came 10th, the best Spanish result since 2004 but, on the other hand, ESDM came 25th at the bottom of the score board.

RTVE has been very undecided and surrounded by plenty of rumours about his year’s selection procedure, after many proposals and changes, this is the final decision. Who would you like to see representing Spain in Copenhagen?



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