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Spain: Meeting Pastora Soler!

Pastora Soler is back holding a new album in her hands, this is the first set of songs which have actually been released after Pastora’s road through the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. Pastora got a honorable 10th place and managed to make Spain feel proud of their act, getting into the TOP 10 after 8 years of bad crops.

A different and renewed Pastora dares with Swedish melodies mostly composed and produced by both Thomas G.Son and Tony Sánchez Ohlsson, very well known writers for the Eurovision fans, as they also composed together the Spanish entry for Pastora, Quédate Conmigo and for D’Nash in 2007, apart from lots of more collaborations throughout the next years till nowadays with popular Spanish artists like Auryn.

‘Conóceme’. This is how the album is entitled, which inside contains 11 tracks, from modern pop/dance songs to some beautiful ballads. Vocals were all recorded in Madrid, while songs did in Stockholm.

It’s already reached the top on iTunes, making into the #1 and also reached #2 when pre-released for booking.

Early this week, when the CD was finally published, Pastora declared her interest on making a come-back to the contest, but this should be supposed to happen in about 4 or 5 years. ”It’s still really soon”, Pastora stated. had the chance to meet Pastora when signing some copies of ‘Conóceme’ for the fans in Madrid, getting something which we guess you will surely love it. A huge amount of fans were queueing for more than 4 hours or so to meet and send their love to her. She looked excited and it was something emotional, we can ensure that.


1.- Te Despertaré

2.- Espérame

3.- Vive

4.- Fuimos

5.- Conóceme

6.- Pasa La Vida

7.- Cambiando

8.- Te Voy A Recordar Así

9.- No Me Rendiré

10.- Si Vuelvo A Empezar

11.- Madre

More news related on this are expected to be coming really soon.

You can follow Pastora Soler both on Twitter and Facebook.

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