Sona Azizova to represent Azerbaijan in Junior Eurovision 2021

Following the news that Azerbaijan is returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest after its withdrawal in 2019, Azerbaijani television has announced that Sona Azizova will be the next representative of the country in the 2021 edition to be held on December 19 in Paris.

The 10-year-old from Baku is a huge fan of her country’s rock scene, but still she has great versatility in her voice. In her first step on television in La Voz Kids de Azerbaijan, the artist managed to rise to the second position, astonishing the entire national public with her version of “It’s A Man’s World”.

The Azeri radio and television, Ictimai, confirmed that the Caucasian country will be present in the next edition of Junior Eurovision, thus returning to compete regularly in the contest after its withdrawal in 2019 and in last year’s edition due to the Covid-19 pandemic. , the impossibility of traveling to the European continent and having sufficient means, as well as the existing difficulty of guaranteeing security for the country’s delegation at the event.

The Azerbaijani delegation has chosen its representative internally, as has happened in all its participations. Ictimai will provide more details on the selection process for the Azeri song at the eurofestival in the coming weeks, as well as the dates and ways in which those interested will be able to take part in the selection process in the coming weeks.

Azerbaijan has participated 3 times in the Eurovision youth competition. She participated for the first time in 2012, with the song “Girls and Boys” that was initially presented entirely in English and at the last minute was partially translated into Azeri to comply with the rules.

The most recent participation of 2018 is of particular interest since the vocal coach of the then participant Fidan Huseynova was Alex Panagi (Cyprus 1995 & 2000) and according to unofficial information, Fokas Evangelinos also contributed to the directing part. Unfortunately, the result was not so good, ranking 16th out of 20 participating countries.

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