Slovenia: EMA hosts revealed!

Slovenia has revealed even more details regarding their national final EMA, which will take place on February 28. There will be a total of 4 hosts and 3 of them are former ESC participants.

The first host is Darja Švajger, who finished 7th in 1995 and 11th in 1999.

The second host is Maja Keuc, who represented Slovenia in 2011 and finished 13th. She also performed her song ‘Close to you’ at last year’s EMA

The third host is Tinkara Kovač, who represented Slovenia last year and brought her country back to the grand final, where she finished in the 25th position.

The fourth and final host is Nejc Šmit, a Slovene improviser, stand-up comedian, musician and student of Psychology.

It seems Slovenia has got quite the nice team to host EMA, so should Slovenia win we can count on a great Eurovision Song Contest in Ljubljana!


Source:  RTVSLO
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