Slovenia: EMA 2022 participants announced!

Slovenian public broadcaster, RTVSLO, has just announced the names of the 16 established artists automatically qualified to compete in this edition of EMA 2022. They will be joined by the 4 best artists from EMA Freš 2022, where young talents are given the opportunity to shine in a professional stage.

This is the official list of participants and their respective songs:

  1. Eva Moškon – Kliki
  2. Manouche – Si sama?
  3. Klara Jazbec – Chasing Dreams
  4. Bowrain & Brina – Čas je
  5. BQL – Maj
  6. Zala Smolnikar – V ogledalu
  7. Gušti feat. Leyre – Nova romantika
  8. Vedran Ljubenko – H2O dieta
  1. Anabel – Tendency
  2. Batista Cadillac – Mim pravil
  3. Jonatan Haller – Obzorje
  4. Le Serpentine – Tud teb se lahk zgodi
  5. Mia Guček – Independiente
  6. David Amaro – Še vedno si lepa
  7. July Jones – Girls Can Do Anything
  8. Hauptman – Sledim

These weeks, young talents under the age of 30 are participating with their proposals in the EMA Freš 2022 duels and battles with the aim to gain one of the four tickets to compete in the main event, EMA 2022. The 14 winners from this first round will go to one of the two televised shows of this year EMA Freš 2022, which will take place in January and where they will have the great opportunity perform live for the first time for the Slovenian public. In each of the two televised shows, one participant will be chosen by the televote and the jury will select another, with two from each gala winning the right to participate in the EMA together with the 16 established artists, making a total of 4 qualifiers from the EMA Freš.

Abot EMA 2022

EMA 2022 will consist of two semi-finals and one final. With a total of 20 participants (16 established artists and 4 coming from EMA Freš), 8 established artists and 2 EMA Freš qualifiers will compete in each semi-final. A combination of jury and public vote, through televoting, will select from each semi-final the best 6 acts to perform on the stage of the Grand Final, which will be made up by 12 finalists and where the representative of Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be chosen equally by the Slovenian public and jury.

Ana Soklič won EMA 2020 receiving 54% of the votes with her song ‘Voda’ and became Slovenia’s representative at Eurovision 2020. After the cancellation of the contest, due to the coronavirus pandemic, RTVSLO decided that Ana could continue her dream of representing her country at Eurovision by announcing her as the 2021 candidate, being re-elected internally.

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