Armenia wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

We have a new winner in the Junior Eurovision history! Armenia has just won the 19th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest thanks to Maléna and song “Qami Qami”.

Armenia has reached the first place with an amount of 224 points. In the second place, Poland has finished with a total of 218 points, while France has received 187 points and has finished in the third place.

A total of nineteen countries have participated at this year Junior Eurovision. After the Covid-19 pandemic, with only 12 countries in 2020, the contest saw this year the return of Albania, Armenia, Ireland, Italy, North Macedonia and Portugal. The other comebacks were from Bulgaria (last participation in 2016) and Azerbaijan (last participation in 2018).

The show

From the spectacular stage of La Seine Musicale, located on the “Seguin Island” in the Seine river in Paris, the most magical moment of the year started at 16:00 CET with the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 under the slogan Imagine, the same title as the song with which Valentina won last year, “J’Imagine”.

Duet Ofenbach has opened the show performing the traditional “Flag Parade” with a remix that will narrate the last 50 years of French music and its great commercial and melodic successes.

The contest has featured two very special performances, Valentina with a most Christmas version of her winning song “J’Imagine”, that led her to triumph in Warsaw last year, and the second place in Eurovision 2021, Barbara Pravi, who has performed a most “chic” version of her song “Voilà”.

This year’s common song with all the artists was another of the special acts. The song was called “Imagine”, this year slogan.

The postcards, introducing each participant act, drew on French heritage and monuments with dances and choreographies performed in that places.

How the winner was chosen?

A  combination of both rounds of voting decided 50% of the final outcomewhile the other half was decided by a professional jury panel in each country made up of adults and kids.

The first phase of the online voting, which was opened last Friday, allowed people to vote for three countries after watching 30-seconds videos of each participant’s recorded performance. A second voting phase was opened for 20 minutes following the performances of all 19 participants.

You can see the scoreboard without the online votes below:

You can see the full scoreboard below:

And you can watch the contest again and again whenever you want here:

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