Junior Eurovision 2021 reach 77.2M users on social networks

Junior Eurovision 2021 has celebrated its final this afternoon. At the end of the show, we have discovered that Malena from Aemaniahas won the trophy with ‘Qami Qami’. The show was full of moments and all types of reactions on the social networks during the broadcast.

Once Junior Eurovision 2021 has ended, we are going to make an analysis about the reach of the show on social networks with social figures. This analysis can get us an idea of the senses of the viewers, and we can also know the reactions of the eurofans about the winner and the show.

Junior Eurovision 2021 grand final got a potential reach of 77.200.000 users with the official hashtag #JuniorEurovision

In total, 72,400 comments were made during the show with a total of 178,500 interactions. The show had a 32.5% positive sentiment compared to 10.5% negative.

Net sentiment about #JESC2021 / Talkwalker


It should be taken into account before making a detailed analysis of the social audiences of the Junior Eurovision 2021’s grand final that the contest has managed to sneak many words related to the program among the trends.

The tag used by the festival’s official account, #JESC2021 has managed to enter the list of trends both worldwide, where it has reached the Nº2 position and in 16 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Rusia, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Philipines, United Kingdom and Australia.

Countries where the hashtag #JuniorEurovision has been TT / GetDayTrends


If we focus on the audience country by country, the comments from Poland stand out especially on Twitter with 27.1% of the total comments. In second place was Spain with 26.4% of the whole comments of the afternoon (it’s important to mention that Spanish public television, RTVE has been using a special hashtag during the show #JuniorEurovisionRTVE)

In the United States, the social audience has reached third place in the top with 16.5% of the total comments (remember if a user doesn’t have location services activated, the comments on Twitter will appear from the United States).

Social Audiences by countries #JESC2021 / Talkwalker

If we focus on the audience by language, the favourite language by Internet users to comment on the grand final has been English, reaching the 29.6% of the comments, followed by Polish, in which 29.4% of the comments were made.

Spanish, has been placed in the third position by the number of comments according to language. 28% of the total comments made on social networks throughout the afternoon have been in this language.

Social Audiences by languages #EurovisionJunior / Talkwalker

Social audience by age target and GENDER

If we stop at the Junior Eurovision 2021’s social audience by age targets, it stands out above the rest (they represent 93.4% of the comments) in the target of users between 18 and 34 years old. It has very good data specially in the age group between 25 and 34 years old, with 47.4% of the comments. The previous target group between 18 and 24 years has made the 46% of the total comments on social networks.

The target age between 35 and 44 years has contributed a total of 6.2% of the comments made during the show. The next target group, with people from 45 years to 54, has only made 0,4% of the whole comments.

Social Audiences by age target #JESC2021 / Talkwalker

Regarding the social audience by gender target of the user, the Eurovision Junior 2021’s show stood out among female users, whose comments accounted for 52.2% of the total carried out throughout the afternoon.

On the other hand, the comments about the festival made by male users on the social networks, have accounted for 47.8% of the total volume of comments that have been made this afternoon.

Social Audiences by gender target #JESC2021 / Talkwalker


If we see the Junior Eurovision 2021’s social figures minute by minute, we will be able to see the favourite moments of the afternoon for those who have commented on it on social networks while they were following it.

In the grand final of Junior Eurovision 2021, the gala had its point with the most interaction at 18.33h, with 1,500 comments only in that minute. That peak was in the moment when we knew that Malena was with her ‘Qami Qami’ the winner of this year contest.

Social Audiences minute by minute #JESC2021 / Talkwalker

These social audiences give us a small image of how Junior Eurovision 2021 has been followed on social networks, beyond television and the borders of Europe. About television viewing figures, we will give you data tomorrow, Monday, from the countries that publish them.

With this summary of what has been the afternoon of Junior Eurovision 2021 in the social networks, we give you the opportunity to relive the festival’s grand final under these lines.


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