Serbia: Last Beovizija 2020 finalists determined

RTS has just broadcast the second semifinal of Beovizija 2020. 6 acts have gone through to the final at today’s show, so the line-up for tomorrow’s final is complete.

Today, we have seen the last 12 semifinalists perform at the second Serbian semi-final. From all the acts that have stepped on stage tonight, an equal combination of votes from a professional expert panel and the audience has decided that the following 6 will compete at the final:

  1. Lift – Samo mi kaži
  2. Bane Mojićević – Cvet sa Prokletija
  3. Bora Dugić & Balkubano – Svadba velika
  4. Bojana Mašković – Kao muzika
  5. Naiva – Baš, baš
  6. Rocher Etno Bend – Samo ti umeš to
  7. Lazar Živanović – Puklo je nebo
  8. Ivana Jordan – Vila
  9. Nenad Ćeranić – Veruj u sebe
  10. Hurricane – Hasta la Vista
  11. Ana Milenković – Tajna
  12. Milan Bujaković feat. Olivera Popović – Niti

So, the line-up looks as it follows:

  • EJO – Trag
  • Thea Devy – Sudnji dan
  • Andrija Jo – Oči Meduze
  • Marko Marković – Kolači
  • Neda Ukraden – Bomba
  • Igor Simić – Ples za rastanak
  • Lift – Samo mi kaži
  • Bane Mojićević – Cvet sa Prokletija
  • Naiva – Baš, baš
  • Hurricane – Hasta la Vista
  • Ana Milenković – Tajna
  • Milan Bujaković feat. Olivera Popović – Niti

Tomorrow, Beovizija 2020 will conclude in Serbia and we will know who will wave the country’s flag at Eurovision 2020. Once again, it will be up to the experts and the audience to decide the outcome of the show.

Who do you want to win in Serbia?

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