Sanja Vučić to sing “Goodbye”, listen to a snippet!

Yesterday, RTS officially confirmed Sanja Vučić to represent Serbia at Eurovision 2016. We can now reveal the song name: the young singer will perform “Goodbye” composed by Ivana Peters with Uroš Marković under the orchestration and programming.

You can listen to an “a capella” snippet uploaded by OGAE Serbia below:

Part of Serbian entry in @eurovision Sanja Vučić @sanjalilwolf sings "Goodbye" #eurovision #Serbia

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About Sanja: 

Sanja Vučić was born on August 8, 1993 in Kruševac, Serbia. Since she was a child, she has been expressing her talent for music. She finished both primary and secondary music school in Kruševac, at the department of opera singing. During her studies, she sang in various ensembles, ranging from the band performing ethno
music “White Fairies” (Bele vile), to the town jazz orchestra, to the church choir “Saint Prince Lazar” (Sveti knez Lazar), with which she toured Hungary, Belarus and Poland.

Furthermore, she attended singing master classes held by the famous opera singer Katarina Jovanović. She tried enrolling at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and had no success, which she does not consider to be a great setback, because perhaps precisely that led her to the “Eurovision Song Contest 2016”.

Since April 2012, when she joined a crossover band called “ZAA”, as a permanent member, she has performed at more than 100 concerts around the region (Exit, Love Fest, Nishville, Arsenal Fest, Overjam Reggae Festival in Slovenia, Lake Fest in Nikšić, etc).

As a member of “ZAA”, she has had one album called “What About” recorded. Also, she is working with numerous authors and musicians as a studio singer for radio and TV jingles, advertisements and corporate videos. Sanja currently lives in Belgrade, where she attends the Faculty of Philology, Department of Arabic Language and Literature. She speaks English, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Her favourite music genres are r’ n’ b, hip-hop, soul, jazz, reggae, afrobeat, eastern oriental music, grunge, etc.

Goodbye, will be premiered in a special TV show, Serbia’s Song For Europe, on Saturday, 12th March at 21:00 CET.

About Belén García (Spain)

Belén García (Spain)

My name is Belén. I’m a musician and English teacher from Spain.

I have been following Eurovision since I was only 11 and the junior version since the beginning (expert of this contest). I love Eurovision because I love discovering new songs every year.

Before ESC+Plus, I have been part of very well-known websites about (Junior) Eurovision. Apart from writing, I love taking professional photos, designing and editing videos, I’m very creative!

I have already traveled to Eurovision and Junior Eurovision a few times and I highly recommend it! =)

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  1. I’m gonna wait to hear the studio recorded version.
    I really don’t favor the title of the song.
    Montenegro’s song last year had the same title (in english) and now Serbia too?
    Enough with the *Goodbyes*, *Adios* or whatever..

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