San Marino to release Eurovision 2017 entry on Saturday

Had not they confirmed yet their participation at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, San Marino will do so this Saturday and present the whole act that will be flying the colors of the Sanmmarinese flag in Ukraine, according to Italian Eurovision site, This was later on confirmed by official broadcaster SMRTV on their official site, when reporting how much fans want last year’s Serhat to make a come-back to the contest.

The whole package, including participation official confirmation, will be presented to press and the audience at their programming presentation show for 2016-2017 this Saturday at 20:00 CET.

This will rise up the preliminary line-up of participating nations to 41, including oldest one in Europe, San Marino.

San Marino did not qualify to the grand final of last year’s Eurovision in Sweden with Serhat and the dance version of his song ”I Didn’t Know”, will the artist presented on Saturday improve this result?

Will they be taking a local artist or either an international team? Stay tuned for further details!

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