Lithuania opens submissions for Eurovizijos 2017

Vilnius calling, the Lithuania marathon we’ve been waiting for is now in the works for 2017.  The broadcaster LRT have announced that they are now in the looks for Lithuanian artists, groups and authors to apply for show Eurovizijos, and applications will remain open until 1st December 2016.


Applications, photos and recordings of works (mp3) send by registered mail to the following address: [email protected] or
LRT in the Eurovision selection
S. 11th g. 49, Vilnius, Lithuania
Contact phone: (8 5) 236 30 000.

Also you can check out the rules of the selection by clicking here.

In 2017, Lithuania chose previous Eurovision contestant Donny Montell to represent them in Stockholm with the song “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” who gave Lithuania their 2nd best result ever finishing 9th in the Grand Final with 200 points.  Donny has previously stated that he will keep on trying with Eurovision until he wins the show, so we hope we see him return sometime soon.

The broadcaster are asking for submissions only from Lithuanian citizens or foreigners who have a permit of permanent residence in the country, and they are looking at this stage for both artists and authors.  A full list of the programme itinerary of the national final process has also been released and can be seen here.

So who do you want to see in the national final for Lithuania this year? Let us know below in the comments section.  We’ve put together a few songs from the past few selections for Lithuania in order to get us excited for the upcoming season for Lithuania. Click here.

Source : LRT

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