Sergey Lazarev releases the Russian version of his Eurovision entry

Sergey Lazarev, one of the favorites of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has released the Russian version of his Eurovision song “You Are the Only One”.

The new version of his song is called “Pust ves mir podozhdyot”, and  you can enjoy it right below.

Lazerev had a very unique show performance at Eurovision 2016 and, as a result of his beautiful song, show and voice, he managed to win the viewers sympathy reaching the third place.

You can enjoy the original version of Sergey’s song performed live at the Eurovision final below:

About Ani Shahoyan (Armenia)

Ani Shahoyan (Armenia)

Hello, I am Ani !

I have lots of hobbies and interests and one of those is Eurovision. It’s been a long time ago I started watching this show. :)

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