Report: Azerbaijani internal selection of artist schedule for 20th November!

According to INFE Azerbaijan, Ictimai TV has a casting call set for November 20th in which it is expected that a singer to represent the country in Tel Aviv will be selected.  The expected following process will be another internal selection of the song before the final artist and song pairing is revealed. This is very similar to the process followed by Azerbaijan.


Last year, Azerbaijan did not qualify for the grand final with Aisel’s ‘Cross My Heart’ to the dismay of many fans.   This marked the first time the country did not qualify since debuting back in 2008.

Will Azerbaijan come back with something bold and powerful to not only regain a spot in the grand final but be a contender to win?  Given that they have finished in the top 5, five of the past ten years – they are always ones to watch closely.  Previous high finishes include:

  • 5th place, 2010 – Safura. ‘Drip Drop’
  • 4th place, 2012 –  Sabina Babayeva, ‘When The Music Dies’
  • 3rd place –  Aysel and Arash, ‘Always’
  • 2nd place, 2013 – Farid Mammadov, ‘Hold Me’
  • Winner, 2011 – Ell and Nikki,  ‘Running Scared’

Do you think Azerbaijan is going to run scared from the non-qualification back into the top 5?  Let us know!!!

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