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Predictions: ESCplus International previews the Luxembourg Song Contest 2024

Tonight at 20:00 the national final of Luxembourg will take place, also known as the “Luxembourg Song Contest”. We are excited to know what will happen tonight and who will fly the Luxembourg flag in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden).

Our ESCplus International colleague, Aitor, is in Luxembourg in the Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette where the Luxembourg Song Contest will take place, he has watched the dress rehearsal of tonight’s show.

An overview of the songs and comments

Below you can find the videos of all songs of the Luxembourg Song Contest in the order the 8 songs of this national contest will be featured in the live broadcast. Next to this, you can read our comments per song.

Joel Marques – Believer

The stage is covered in blue, and clouds are floating all over it. Joel is accompanied by dancers that all do a harmonious and dynamic dance routine, that is both simple and effective.

Source: Luxembourg Song Contest YouTube channel

Edsun – Finally Alive

The second act that you will see tonight is by Edsun. The act is cheerful, yet hectic. The stage’s dominant colours are red and white. Edsun’s vocals were on-point and he moves around the stage a lot. He might be an act that needs to grow on the audience a little.

Source: Luxembourg Song Contest YouTube channel

Naomi Aye – Paumée sur Terre

Third in line is Naomi Aye with her song “Paumé sur Terre”, and this song is sung flawlessly by this singer that is just 15 years of age (she will be 16 in May, which is the minimum age to participate in the regular contest). The stage is dominated by black and stars. She is the one to watch, because her performance is sure to give people goosebumps.

Source: Luxembourg Song Contest YouTube channel

Angy & Rafa Ela – Drop

The fourth act, by Angy & Rafa Ela, was full of purple and glitter. The vocals of the duo are amazing, and these power women both looked fierce. This act also includes dancers, which give the song an extra boost when it comes down to being dynamic and engaging. This act will surprise audiences.

Source: Luxembourg Song Contest YouTube channel

One Last Time – Devil in the Detail

This performance has fire, lots of energy, and red visuals which visualize the sun. The energy of this band is on high from the moment they start their performance, which also unfortunately means that the act is a lot to take in. It is a bit much and drags on.

Source: Luxembourg Song Contest YouTube channel

Krick – Drowning in the Rain

This is the fan favourite to win the crown. This song is written by Elsie Bay, and it has the same feel as a typical Elsie Bay song with which she has competed in Melodi Grand Prix. The vocals of Krick were a bit shaky during the dress rehearsal, but nonetheless this performance gave us goosebumps.

Source: Luxembourg Song Contest YouTube channel

CHAiLD – Hold On

This is the penultimate act of this national final. During the dress rehearsal this song was one of the weakest. CHAiLD’s vocals were not all that and the stage seemed quite empty.

Source: Luxembourg Song Contest YouTube channel

Tali – Fighter

Last, but not least was Tali with the song “Fighter”. Tali owned the stage this afternoon together with her dancers that were all in black leather. Tali seems to be the one to watch, because her will to move on to the actual Eurovision Song Contest seems to be high. She just might win tonight.

Source: Luxembourg Song Contest YouTube channel

What is the prediction of ESCplus International?

Our prediction for tonight, after our ESCplus International reporter, Aitor, has seen all the eight acts, is the following:

  1. Tali – Fighter
  2. Krick – Drowning in the Rain
  3. Edsun – Finally Love

In conclusion

Tonight’s show will be on fire, as Luxembourg re-enters the biggest music contest of the world after a hiatus of 31 years. Let’s see if the act they are going to choose makes them move out of the Semi-finals and into the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden).

Where can I watch this national final?

This national final can be watched on our dedicated live page, “ESCplus Live”, click here to watch.

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