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Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2024 last finalists revealed

Norway has finalized the last three contestants for the Melodi Grand Prix 2024 final following the third semifinal of its pre-selection. As with previous galas, six new artists and their proposals faced the scrutiny of the audience to secure coveted spots in the February 3rd final.

The show commenced at 7:50 PM CET from NRK’s studios in Marienlyst, Oslo, where the Norwegian festival unfolded. Marion Ravn and Fredrik Solvang, this edition’s duo hosts, kicked off the show. Vidar Villa inaugurated the show with his piece “MER,” while the beloved trio KEiiNo concluded the performance with “Damdiggida.”

After all songs concluded, a voting period allowed viewers at home to support their favorite proposals through designated lines. The qualifiers are the following three:

  • Annprincess – “Save Me”
  • MIIA – “Green Lights”
  • KEiiNO – “Damdiggida”

This unveils the 9 finalists who will vie for victory in the Melodi Grand Prix 2024 final on Saturday, February 3rd.

  • Gothminister.- «We Come Alive»
  • Ingrid Jasmin.– «Eya»
  • Margaret Berger.– «Oblivion»
  • Gate.- «Ulveham»
  • Super Rob & Erika Norwich.- «My AI»
  • Anne Fagermo & Dag Erik Oksvold.- «Judge Tenderly of Me»
  • KEiiNO.- «Damdiggida»
  • MIIA.- «Green Lights»
  • Annprincess.– «Save Me»

Relive the performances of the third semifinal of Melodi Grand Prix 2024

If you missed the gala or wish to relive the qualifying proposals or those that didn’t make it to the Grand Final, you can enjoy all the performances from the first semifinal below:

Vidar Villa – “MER”

Thomas Jenssen – “Take Me To Heaven”

MIIA – “Green Lights”

Mistra – “Waltz of Death”

Annprincess – “Save me”

KEiiNO – “Damdiggida”

What is the mechanics of Melodi Grand Prix 2024?

For the 2024 edition, the Norwegian pre-selection comes with new changes, as customary in the format. We’ll have three semifinals, each featuring 6 different proposals, unlike the 7 from the previous edition. Also, akin to last year, the “Autotune” tool is allowed again despite criticisms. This year introduces the possibility of participating songs that have been previously released, departing from the exclusivity of premiering in the pre-selection, which was maintained in previous years.

Voting mechanisms also undergo changes. While the semifinal system remains, where the audience exclusively decides the 3 proposals advancing to the final via televoting, the international jury, comprised of industry professionals, remains for the grand final. However, its voting weight reduces from 50% to 40%, with 60% now resting on the public.

The Melodi Grand Prix concluded its semifinal rounds on Saturday, January 27th, and will culminate in the final at Trondheim Spektrum in front of 8,500 attendees on Saturday, February 3rd.

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