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Portugal: These are the qualifiers of Festival da Cançao Semi-Final 1

The first semi-final of the Festival da Cançao 2021 is over and the results are in!

10 acts performed in this first show which was hosted by Jorge Gabriel, Sónia Araújo and Inês Lopes Gonçalves, who was interviewing the singers during the show:

  1. The Black Mamba – “Love Is On My Side”
  2. Valéria – “Na Mais Profunda Saudade”
  3. Mema – “Claro Como Água”
  4. Nadine – “Cheguei Aqui”
  5. Miguel Marôco – “Girassol”
  6. Fábia Maia – “Dia Lindo”
  7. Irma – “Livros”
  8. Karetus & Romeu Bairos – “Saudade”
  9. Sara Afonso – Contramão
  10. IAN – Mundo

After the cobination of votes from the public and the professional expert panel, the following candidates have gone through to the final on March 6th:

  • Valéria – Na Mais Profunda Saudade
  • Karetus & Romeu Bairos – Saudade
  • The Black Mamba – Love is on My Side
  • Fábia Maia – Dia Lindo
  • Sara Afonso – Contramão

Next week the Portuguese national selection will continue with another 10 acts competing for the final spots.


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