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Poland wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Poland’s Roksana has just won the sixteenth edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Anyone I Want To Be’.

A record number of 20 countries competed at today’s show:

  1. Darina Krasnovetska – Say Love (Ukraine)
  2. Rita Laranjeira – Gosto de Tudo (Já Não Gosto de Nada) (Portugal)
  3. Daneliya Tuleshova – Òzińe Sen (Kazakhstan)
  4. Efi Gjika – Barbie (Albania)
  5. Anna Filipchuk – Unbreakable (Russia)
  6. Max & Anne – Samen (The Netherlands)
  7. Fidan Huseynova – I Wanna Be Like You (Azerbaijan)
  8. Daniel Yastremsky – Time (Belarus)
  9. Taylor Hynes – IOU (Ireland)
  10. Bojana Radovanovic – Svet (Serbia)
  11. Melissa & Marco – What Is Love (Italy)
  12. Jael – Champions (Australia)
  13. Tamar Edilashvili – Your Voice (Georgia)
  14. Noam Dadon – Children Like These (Israel)
  15. Angélina – Jamais Sans Tois (France)
  16. Marija Spasovska – Doma (FYR Macedonia)
  17. L.E.V.O.N – L.E.V.O.N (Armenia)
  18. Manw – Perta (Wales)
  19. Ela – Marchin’On (Malta)
  20. Roksana Węgiel – Anyone I Want To Be (Poland)

A combination of a two-round online audience vote decided 50% of the outcome, while the other half was determined by a professional jury panel in each country, made up of adults and kids.

The first phase of the online voting, which was opened last Friday, allowed people to vote for a minimum of three and a maximum of five countries after watching 1-minute videos of each participant’s second rehearsal. A second voting phase was opened for 15 minutes following the performances of all 20 participants.

You can take a look at the final scoreboard:

Not only Poland has won the competition, but also the right to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019. We have to wait to see if they will accept the invitation.

We haven’t decided on the next year’s host yet; we will definitely give the winner of this edition the chance to host the contest. There’s a strong interest, so there’s a lot of broadcasters who would like to do it, they see what happens here and would like to be a part of that and be able to showcase something as strong as what we will see this year, but we haven’t taken any decision yet. For sure, the winner will have the opportunity to host it. , said the Executive Supervisor of EBU’s live events Jon Ola Sand.

What do you think about the winner of this year’s contest? Did your favourites end high on the scoreboard? Let us know in comments!

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