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EBU unveils Junior Eurovision 2018 split results

Дзякуем Вам за вялікае шоў, Беларусь! Thank you for your great show, Belarus!

This year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest is over now but we do have many details to analyse and disclose off. Poland has reached the summit of Europe’s most popular TV show for children, but there is something that fans are always taking a look at as the show ends which is the full and complete scoreboard with split results both from the juries and the online voting.

As fast as the show ran, we did not even have time to take a look accurately at how each of the countries voted and who they were voting for. Now, this shows how the results looked as it only would count either the jury voting or just the online votes received during the weekend.


The number of points which each nation received from the online voting was determined by the percentage of votes received. For example, if a song receives 20% of the votes, then it will receive 20% of the available points. The public vote counted for 50% of the final result. The other 50% came from the professional juries based in all 20 participating countries, whose national jury panel was made up of five members.


Do you think this was a fair result? Is there any entry, in particular, you would have liked to place higher in the final rank? Tell us below in comments!

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