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Poland wins Eurovision Young Dancers 2017

Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 has just taken place live from Prague with eight countries competing for the big trophy. Paulina Bidzińska from Poland was declared the winner of the 15th edition of the contest by a three-person professional jury panel after two rounds. Patricija Crnkovič from Slovenia was the runner-up.

Paulina Bidzińska performed “La Certa” in the show:

This is the third consecutive victory of Poland in the biennial competitions of the European Broadcasting Union as they won Eurovision Young Dancers 2015 and Eurovision Young Musicians in 2016.

Eight young dancers from eight different countries competed at Eurovision Young Dancers 2017:

  1. Norway: Anna Louise Amundsen  – “These Days” (Choreography: Tine Erica Aspaas)
  2. Germany: Danila Kapustin – “Desde Otello” (Choreography: N/A)
  3. Malta: Denise Buttigieg – “Q.W.” (Choreography: Joeline Tabone)
  4. Portugal: Raquel Fidalgo – “Esquiva” (Choreography: Marius Petipa)
  5. Poland: Paulina Bidzińska – “La Certa” (Choreography: Jacek Przybyłowicz)
  6. Slovenia: Patricija Crnkovič – “Disintegration” (Choreography: Patricija Crnkovič) 2nd
  7. Sweden: Christoffer Collins – “Solo-X” (Choreography: Sigge Modigh)
  8. Czech Republic: Michal Vach – “Monologue” (Choreography: Michal Vach and Lenka Halašová)

How was the winner chosen?

During the show, each participant performed a dance routine up to two minutes in front of a three-person expert panel, made up of Itzik Galili from Israel, Loreen‘s choreographer Ambra Succi from Sweden and Daria Klimentová from Czech Republic. The experts scored the performances, and the top two went through to a super final, in which the two participants performed 90 seconds of a random dance routine (45 seconds each). The professional decided the overall winner.

Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 was hosted by Libor Bouček and Angeé Klára Svobodová live from Prague’s Congress Centre (PCC).

You can watch the show again below:

Did you watch Eurovision Young Dancers 2017? Who was your favourite? Let us know in comments!

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