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Our ESCplus reporter, Denis, went to a concert of Barbara Pravi in Liège (Belgium)

On March 30th 2022 I went to a concert of French 2021 representative, Barbara Pravi, in Le Trocadéro de Liège in the Belgian city of Liège. This concert is part of a tour that Barbara is doing in western Europe at the moment. The city of Liège is between 5-10 minutes from the Dutch border, and since I am from the southern Dutch city of Maastricht (that Dutch city that did not get to organize the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest😢), it took close to no effort to actually get there.

On N’Enferme Pas Les Oiseaux Tour 2022

The concert was part of Barbara Pravi’s “On N’Enferme Pas Les Oiseaux Tour 2022” (trans. “You Cannot Cage Birds Tour 2022”). When it comes down to this tour, Barbara Pravi performs in a lot of venues in western Europe at the moment. I had the album, with the same name as the tour, on my Spotify for quite a while, and I consider it the ultimate holiday music when you are in France or in another part of the Mediterranean. The album has Edith Piaf and ethnical vibes, and especially the song “Saute” is a good example of this. I truly love France and the French language, and I consider myself to be a “Francophile”’, which is a person that is very fond of France, so going to a concert of Barbara Pravi was a mesmerizing experience for me, also because I had met Barbara a couple of times in Rotterdam during my time as an ESCplus reporter for last year’s contest. Beforehand I had the idea that it was going to be a very French chanson kind of concert, but that was not true, because it was full of energy and vibrant music, and of course, somewhere in the middle Barbara sang her grand Eurovision song “Voilà”, which brought her the second place in the contest of 2021.

The track list

The track list of the concert of Barbara Pravi was not only about the songs that are on the CD “On N’Enferme Pas Les Oiseaux”, but also some songs that take you off the beaten track, which is great, and ensures great variety in Barbara’s repertoire. There are songs, such as “Saute” and “Mes Maladroits” that make you think of Summer in the Provence or Saint Tropez, but also more Parisian style chansons, like “Voilà”, “L’homme et L’Oiseau”, but also “Le Jour Se Lève”.

“If Edith Piaf was “The Voice of Paris”, than Barbara Pravi is “The Voice of a Summer day in France”.

Quote by ESCplus reporter Denis

Listen and watch 2 songs

Click on the video below to watch and listen to 2 songs of Barbara Pravi. Of course, the Eurovision hit “Voilà” and the song “Saute” from the concert that Barbara Pravi gave in the Belgian city of Liège (Theater “Le Trocadéro de Liège”).

Source: ESCplus, YouTube channel

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