ORF assures complete security for Eurovision events

Since Tuesday, April 7, Wiener Stadthalle is dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest. The first trucks were unloaded, the police sniffer dogs are available and the entire logistics team is working at top speed. Highest safety precautions are taken to ensure the event the end of May to go on stage without any problems.

About 350 trucks supplied the city hall the last two weeks with a total of 3,500 tons of material – a truly great challenge for the logistics team. “All registrations and license plates must be checked and scanned by us,” said the manager Sabine Tuma. Everything will be mounted on the ceiling and all the rest that will be placed on the ground will be examined by the sniffer dogs.

“It is important that the dogs are very relaxed and familiar with the new surroundings,” said the explosives dog handler police of Vienna. For the six-month-old Belgian Shepherd Damon is his first deployment at a major event. “He is enrolled in the next few weeks,” said the policeman.

The security center is well prepared for the upcoming event. “We are now occupied around the clock,” said security operations manager Herbert Wagner. With such a huge TV show we should prepare ourselves for anything. With the  Eurovision Song Contest a particularly high level of security is required. “We have indeed our own X-ray devices like at the airport, as it is found at any other event,” says Wagner.

Christoph Malin and Matthias Hosp work on time-lapse camera that allows a lapse of complex stage sets. “One can thus make processes visible of a long period in a short time,” says Malin. The camera is programmed by remote control and you can then access it from anywhere.

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