Belarus: Reviewing the 13 national final acts

What a circus the Belarusian national final auditions were! There were clear highlights and very dim low lights. I mean this happened:

And this happened:

Yes… he is singing about a barista #sideeye. I really can’t believe that we got access to all these auditions, but I’m not mad about it. Belarus made a splash last year with IVAN naked but I’m hoping this year the big splash will be them in the final.

Below I give you my raw and unfiltered take on each national final entry.

Alexandra Tkach Tkachev, Be Stronger

This entry is led by a young vocalist with some nice raw talent who needs to be groomed immediately. The song is “ok” but borderline boring. Luckily she has a nice jazzy groove to move it along. The song is a little dated but with some new production (if she wins) is all it needs. This is a strong contender that could make it through.

Kattie, Wild Wind

Wake me up when it is over. This song is about 20 years too late. Poor Kattie is very pretty with a light voice. This song is just terribly produced and dated. It is just boring and forgettable. The climax is too generic and predictable that inevitably leaves the song flat.

Vladislav Kurasov, Follow the Play

Vlad needs elocution classes immediately, because he has amazing range and a decent song. Unfortunately, I don’t understand anything he is saying. This song has a lot of potential and Vladislav has an amazing voice. He needs a vocal lesson to clear up his breathing issues. I am feeling pretty confident about this entry.

NAVI Group, Historyja majho zyccia

I am enjoying the ethnic feel of this song with some more experienced vocalists. This entry is STRONG. I honestly think this is a song that would be taken seriously in Kiev. The staging is making me nervous though. The performers are good but this could easily translate into a mess in Kiev staging wise. I applaud the fact that it isn’t in English and I pray they don’t try to translate it.

Angelica Pushnova, We Should Be Together

This track is DATED. DATED. DATED. I think this is one of the Max Martin Britney Spears rejects from 1995. The diction is nonexistent and there are pitch issues throughout. The positive is that Angelica is very comfortable on stage, but this is not the song.  She would do very well visually and is definitely a performer, but the song drags this act down.

Isaac Nightingale, On the Red Line

The song is intriguing. The composition is modern and is definitely something that would stand out for the right reasons. The chorus isn’t the best but with some polished reproducing I think it’d be really strong. Isaac is the problem here… His voice is unique but he is a little pitchy and moves awkwardly. Honestly, I really like this entry. I can see the potential but slightly wish that Isaac looked like Vladislav…

Anastasia Sheverenko, We’ll Be Together

Anastasia is pitchy… Anastasia has no diction… Anastasia is pretty.

July (Yulia Korenyuk), Children of The World

This is a message song that slaps you in the face with the message. There is nothing subtle about this entry. Overall, July auditioned with a package: backing singers, dancers, and styling. July came in their professional and I give her props for that. The song isn’t bad but it isn’t the strongest.

NUTEKI, Take My heart

Nuteki is professional and it shows. The song is well produced and I’m digging it.There is a nice mix of rock, pop, and electronic with the track and that’ll hook a lot of Eurovision fans. Mikhail Nokarashvili needs some tea and honey though. Them vocal chords are hurting bro.

NAPOLI – Let’s Come Together

Napoli has some nice choreography and definitely feels comfortable performing onstage. The track is  a predictable Eurovision track. Actually, the act reminds me of “Gravity” and “Only Teardrops” and that could work to its advantage or disadvantage.

Lermont x Julic – Heart Beat

This is not good. Please don’t vote for this Belarus. Thank you.

Group Provokatsiya, My Love

This entry is not that good. It isn’t the worst in the bunch. I like the fact that this is a duet but it needs more harmonies. These guys are two solo singers put together and their voices don’t exactly blend well together. I wanted to like this entry. On a positive note, groups that match clothes stay together.

Nikita Hodas, Voice in my Head

This guy kinda reminds me of Freddie from Hungary except not as good looking. This act is a less boring “If I Were Sorry” with a simple stripped down format graced with a talking section. The talking section is a grammatic minefield, but I think it actually works. There is a nice sort of 90s angsty-ness about this track. This isn’t a winning ESC act but it is definitely something I could see qualifying for the final. This is a good act.

My Top 5

  1. Nikita Hodas, Voice in my Head
  2. NAVI Group, Historyja majho zyccia
  3. NUTEKI, Take My heart
  4. Isaac Nightingale, On the Red Line
  5. Vladislav Kurasov, Follow the Play

Honorable Mention: NAPOLI – Let’s Come Together

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