OGAE Poll: These are the results from Iceland

OGAE Iceland has revealed its results for this year’s Poll.

Check the decision of the Icelandic Eurovision fan club below:

  • 12 points – Israel
  • 10 points – Finland
  • 8 points – France
  • 7 points – Denmark
  • 6 points – Czech Republic
  • 5 points – Sweden
  • 4 points – Australia
  • 3 points – Greece
  • 2 points – Cyprus
  • 1 point – Estonia

The current scoreboard looks as it follows:

The annual OGAE Poll is the official fan club voting that brings the opinion of the OGAE quarters established all over Europe and Rest of the World.

You can find the date on which each club will reveal their results below:

Stay tuned as more countries will reveal their points in the coming days!

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